Anna Moore, Julie Orser
Anna Moore,  Julie Orser
Anna Moore, Julie Orser
Anna Moore, Julie Orser
Anna Moore, Julie Orser
Anna Moore, Julie Orser
Double Bind (Anna Moore) 2007
single channel video & sound work | 6 min.

*There are two additional versions: In This Place (Anna Moore) and Anna Moore and photography

Double Bind (Anna Moore) considers the subjectivity of Anna as a character caught within the post-war era genres of psychological melodrama and film noir. Anna repeats daily routines as the video frame slips in time revealing glimpses of a mysterious event. Her intangible voice shifts from calm disconnected recollections to off-screen cries of rage. The video combines the film genre’s framework with structuralist investigations of cinematic codes, mise-en-scene, character, and narrative.

*This version was created from a three-channel video and sound installation entitled Anna Moore.

Director: Julie Orser
Cast: Anna - Sarah Kraft
Voice of Anna - Leela Grant
Assistant Director: Jon Irving
Camera: Julie Orser
Camera Assistant: Carol Gehring
Hair & Make-Up Artist: Kim Donohue
Voice-Over Script: Jon Irving
Crew: Carol Gehring, Jon Irving, Jennifer L. Porter, Matt Sobel, Natasha Subramaniam
Editor and Sound Design: Julie Orser
Music: Appropriated excerpts from Franz Waxman, Rebecca, Sunset Boulevard, Peyton Place
Appropriated excerpts from David Raskin, Laura
Still Photography Assistants: Carol Gehring & Natasha Subramaniam
Special Thanks: Jon Irving, Matt Lipps, Deborah Martin, Mack McFarland, Carol Moore,
Jennifer L. Porter, and P.N.C.A. And to Herb Thompson & Nina Thompson for the additional art direction of their lovely home.