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      Frank Chang
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      Fallen Fruit
      Flora and Fauna Press Letterpress
      Leelee Grant Voice Over
      D. Jean Hester
      Whitney Hubbs
      Stephanie Hutin

      GrindBros Food & Drink
      Heidi Kirkpatrick
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      The Shed Research Institute Jeff Cain
      Jason Underhill
      Michael Underwood
      Louisa Van Leer
      Bari Ziperstein


      Ann Arbor Film Festival
      Being Boring
      Bent Image Lab
      Cal State Fullerton Department of Art ::: Creative Photography
      Changing Role Gallery
      Electronic Arts Intermix
      ESL Esthetics As A Second Language
Machine Project
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      NW Film Center
      PDX Fest Peripheral Produce Experimental Film and Video
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      UBU Film
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